Client: Unitel
Project: Rebrand
About the project
Unitel is the highest-rating TV channel in Bolivia thanks to its original production level and quality image. They needed to update their communication and we were commissioned to develop a refreshed branding.

First approach
Our first observation was that all the pieces were so colourful but the colours have been combined without harmony criteria.

​​​​​​​Our premise
We decided to keep the colourful sensation, recover the bubble-like an identifier item and adding deep feeling in the whole pieces.

On this way, we decided to choose a wide colour palette but creating combine criteria.
First, we define three kinds of backgrounds.

Then, we stipulated use just two colour from the palette in each piece.
On this way, we managed to maintain the colourful perception through all the promotions, giving a functional sense that mentally organizes the content with the schedule.

Although it was not in the order, we edited the logo design a bit so that it agrees better with the rest of the graphic package.

Fully editable
We developed a script so that the channel editors can create pieces for promotions quickly and easily. As well as fully customizable exports can be generated.

Finally, we developed 4 IDs with the idea of expressing the main concepts of the brand.
entertainment - information - family - drama

ART DIRECTION Ignacio Straub​​​​​​​
PRODUCTION Ignacio Straub
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Ignacio Straub, Florencia Olivera and Jormer Marquez
2D ANIMATIORS Ignacio Straub and Jormer Marquez
3D ANIMATIORS Ignacio Straub ,Jormer Marquez and Franco Otta

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